On Portraiture.

Portraiture is about much more than cameras and light. It's about connecting to someone and revealing the person within. What I love most about photography, is that connection and the opportunity to share the person I find upon that meeting. 

About Rajee, 
I've been making photos for nearly 20 years now since I got my hands on a disposable camera when I was 8 years old. I fell in love with the medium for it's ability to capture, collect and reflect the world around me. For over 10 years I've been working professionally for different organisations covering everything from fashion, theatre, food and still life but I always find that its in portraiture that I return to find a a gentle poetry and endless satisfaction.  It brings it back to a conversation with another person and reminds me what art is about for me. 

I studied art and later cultural anthropology as exploring and connecting to people and different cultures is what inspires me and motivates me as an artist and creator.  Being largely self taught, I've experimented with different styles, techniques and formats and over time have found my stride in how I work and create. 

All work is copyright First Portraits. Please seek permission before using any of the images in anyway.